Karl Lagerfeld Sketches His Life

The Life: Karl Lagerfeld

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I'm in Karl Lagerfeld's hotel room, and it's everything I dreamed of. You see, I love Karl, ever since I first met him while shooting an episode of The Look in Paris two years ago. His answer to all my questions was "No," but at the same time he gave me everything. I love Karl so much, I like to grab him a lot. (Please see pictures of me grabbing Karl on three separate occasions.) Karl doesn't suffer fools, he's funny as hell, and sharp as a razor. So, I thought, who better to guide me into 2015 than the oracle that is Karl?
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"Don't think too much," he says, sitting on the couch, eyes glinting behind his less-opaque-than-usual sunglasses. "Watch the world and clarity comes like this." He makes a snapping gesture. "It's not something you look for on the inside. You have to stay on the move." Okay, moving. I'm big on that. But

Courtesy Laura Brown
what if I get stuck creatively? "If you never stop working, you never get stuck," he says. "Creativity should be like breathing; you shouldn't have to think about it. You have to stay interested in what you're doing and not think that you're too good for your job." How does he deal with stress? "I don't have that problem." Never? "Never. I think that people act their weight." (Here he doesn't mean physically but mentally.) "I don't take myself so seriously that I get stressed." And don't get him started on laziness. "Well, if you're lazy, you're lazy, and there's nothing I can do. You know, it's like that song by Marlene Dietrich: 'It's not 'cause I wouldn't, it's not 'cause I shouldn't, it's not 'cause I couldn't, it's simply because I'm the laziest gal in town.' " And Karl is no lazy boy.

"Well, if you're lazy, you're lazy, and there's nothing I can do. You know, it's like that song by Marlene Dietrich." —Karl Lagerfeld

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For fashion itself, he wants to underthink it. "What I like best about girls is their personality," he says. For Chanel's spring show, where the models "protested" on "Boulevard Chanel," he adds: "The girls walked like in life. I think I'll do it for the next show too, because it makes fashion more modern, no? When I see the things that other people do, it seems a little dated." While I'm at it, what designers is he watching? "I like J.W. Anderson; he's my favorite. And there's this young girl in London, Simone Rocha. I think she's lovely." Though Karl is thinking about next season, he doesn't want to think about 2015 too much yet. "I don't answer that until the year is really over." As for 2014, "from the beginning to now, it was beyond okay. I had a good year. But then you want another good one. You want to get used to the good ones."

What should I wear next year? "Ah," he says. "Every woman has to be her own stylist. She has to know what she likes. I don't believe in establishing it for her." Funnily enough, I'd tried on this pink bouclé Chanel dress for the No. 5 dinner we're going to, and I looked like a piñata. I tell Karl that I went home, put on my trusty flares, a T-shirt, and a Chanel jacket. I just felt better, like myself. "I hope you have a date later," Karl says. "Karl, you're my date," I reply. "Pfff," he says.

Courtesy Laura Brown

This article originally appeared in the December/January 2015 issue of Harper's BAZAAR.

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