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The screenplay of Blue Velvet had been passed around multiple times in the late 1970s and early 1980s, with several major studios declining it due to its strong sexual and violent content. 6. After the failure of his 1984 film. Dune, Lynch made attempts at.

A lot was not there. And so it went away for a while." 6 After completing The Elephant Man (1980 Lynch met producer Richard Roth over coffee. Roth had read and enjoyed Lynch's Ronnie Rocket script, but did not think it was something he wanted.

Contents College student Jeffrey Beaumont returns home to Lumberton, North Carolina after his father suffers a near-fatal stroke. Walking home from the hospital, he cuts through a vacant lot and discovers a severed ear. Jeffrey takes the ear to police detective John Williams and becomes.

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20 The cast of Blue Velvet included several then-relatively unknown actors. Isabella Rossellini had gained some exposure before the film for her Lancme ads in the early 1980s and for being the daughter of actress Ingrid Bergman and Italian film director Roberto Rossellini. After completion.

Intrigued, Jeffrey enters Dorothy's apartment by posing as an exterminator and steals a spare key while she's distracted by a man in a distinctive yellow sport coat, whom Jeffrey takes to calling "The Yellow Man." Jeffrey and Sandy attend Dorothy's nightclub act, in which she.

In the years since, the film has generated significant attention for its thematic symbolism, and is now widely regarded as one of Lynch's major works 8 and one of the greatest films of the 1980s. 9 10 Publications including Sight Sound, Time, Entertainment Weekly and.

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