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Nucleus - contains genetic material (chromosomes) including information for cell development and synthesis of proteins necessary for cell maintenance and survival. Covered by a membrane. Nucleolus - produces ribosomes necessary for translation of genetic information into proteins Nissl Bodies - groups of ribosomes used for.

Dendrites bring electrical signals to the cell body and axons take information away from the cell body. Neurons communicate with each other through an electrochemical process. Neurons contain some specialized structures (for example, synapses) and chemicals (for example, neurotransmitters). The Neuron One way to classify.

Golgi Apparatus - membrane-bound structure important in packaging peptides and proteins (including neurotransmitters) into vesicles. Microfilaments/Neurotubules - system of transport for materials within a neuron and may be used for structural support. Mitochondria - produce energy to fuel cellular activities. Did you know? Neurons are.

Pictures Beagle
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Neuroscience For Kids - cells of the nervous system

Happy 119th Birthday to the Golgi apparatus! In 1898, the famous neuroanatomist Camillo Golgi reported his discovery of a ribbon-like apparatus inside neurons of the cerebellum. This structure now bears his name as the "Golgi apparatus." Copyright, Eric H. Chudler All Rights Reserved).

Some of the biggest neurons have cell bodies that are 100 microns wide. (Remember that 1 micron is equal to one thousandth of a millimeter!). Neurons are similar to other cells in the body because: Neurons are surrounded by a cell membrane. Neurons have a.

Pseudounipolar cells (example: dorsal root ganglion cells). Actually, these cells have 2 axons rather than an axon and dendrite. One axon extends centrally toward the spinal cord, the other axon extends toward the skin or muscle. Multipolar neurons have many processes that extend from the.

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