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How to Be a Movie Girl

A film, also called a movie or motion picture, is a series of still or moving images. It is produced by recording photographic images with cameras, or by creating images using animation techniques or visual effects. Do you love movies? A lot? Read the article to be a movie girl.


  1. Movies.Watch them everyday! Have a different genre of movies for each week. You must have tons and tons of DVDs in your room of different genres. From romance to comedy, from musicals to horror films. Watch it all. There are movies that are dated in the 1900s, not just the present. Watch it all!
  2. Research online on the history of movies (also called films) so that you can understand where the amazing technology of this came from.Give out fun facts about movies to your friends.
  3. Show your knowledge of all movies by saying quotes from them.If you have a favorite character from a movie, use their sayings and/or accent. If they don't know who the person is, tell them all about the character and even the movie.
  4. Movie girls love to perform since the actors and actresses they see are in movies.Try joining a Drama Club that is in school or even out.It will boost up your confidences and your acting self.
  5. Be dramatic at all times.Learn how to do different accents such as British and African accent. If you don't think you can, it's alright. The Drama Club will help you.
  6. Be in the movie theater like every time a movie that interests you comes out.Normally popcorn and a drink would be good food, but there is also nachos and others. So, get whatever your tongue is in the mood for.
  7. What to wear?Wear anything bright and colorful. If between the ages of 9-13, go to The website has many different types of colorful items that will definitively show the colorful you. Ages above 13, shop at Rainbow!
  8. Hair?Turn it into crazy and quirky styles. If you think your embarrassed by that, let it flow natural. If you have nappy hair, turn it into an Afro! Afros are natural and so gorgeous!
  9. Accessories?Anything bold and bright. Pink, Yellow, Bright Green, and Gold are the best choices. Chunky bracelets are an example of what you can wear.

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  • "All the Worlds Stage, And all the Men and Women are merely players". Remember that quote. Everything you say is a script, but it isn't written down. Everything you do is acting, but yet real. The audience is everywhere. Movies will teach you.
  • When looking at your favorite musicals, find the songs that they sung online and download to your mp3 player or iPod. Sing it when you feel like singing.
  • Wearing make up shouldn't be for a movie girl. But if onstage, then yes, use makeup to express your character.
  • If you want to, have a crush on an actor of your choosing. Watch more of his movies and be drawn into his acting styles.


  • Do not let movies distract you from what you need to do in school. School is the focus. Let the movies be after the homework and studying.
  • Bullies may be mean to you because of your movie smarts, but ignore them. They don't understand what you know. If the bully turns into something physical, tell someone immediately (and NO, tattle-telling is not the word for it. Telling someone about something that happened to you is the right thing to do).

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