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In order to properly uninstall SMM you will have to activate the "Safe Mode" feature SMM has, save, close your game, and then remove it from your load order. Obviously, uninstalling SMM will break any mod that relies on SMM. Q: What is "Safe Mode".

Add a struct for each menu you want SMM to add to the game. The ModMenu value in each struct needs to be either a keyword or a formlist. TargetMenu is where SMM will put your menu. Alternatively you can simply copy the quest from.

Once your mod is fully reinstalled you may now load the full save game you created in step 2. Q: Can I use SMM with SKE? A: Yep. Q: Where should I put SMM in my load order? A: Anywhere should be fine. Q: I.

Addon stylish tutorial
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NetBeans Plugin Portal, NetBeans IDE Plugins Repository

Try running the Settlement Menu Rescue option from your holotape.  If that didn't work, there is a more involved step you can try next: Spoiler: Show If on the rare occasion the Settlement Menu Rescue option did not fix your missing mod menu try to uninstall.

Author FAQ: Q: Can't I just include your code in my mod and not depend on my users installing SMM? A: No! The whole point is having a separate, always installed bit of code that does everything. If each mod tried to do that they'd.

You broke my game! HELP! - every user who forgot to run your uninstaller Ok, maybe they didn't yell, but you get the idea. Sooner or later someone will either not read the instructions or simply forget to follow them. At this point they have.

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