Grab and Go Gift ideas for the Holidays

8 Grab-and-Go Gift Ideas

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Great Stress-Free Gifts

Christmas day is closing in, but you’re only halfway through your gift list. No need to worry; just plot out presents while you do your own 11th-hour errands. Desperate to fit in a manicure? Grab a certificate (or three) at the salon for the women on your list. Buying some wine for your dinner party? Gather a few ingredients while you’re there for a sangria gift basket to give later on. Whatever your to-do list entails, use a little creative thinking to save yourself a lot of stress—and ensure that everyone you care for is taken care of this holiday!

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cosmetic brushes
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A gift should feel pampering. So if your girlfriend or daughter still applies her makeup with the inefficient applicators it comes with, a brush set—like this

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beef jerky
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Men can be tricky to buy for, but a tasty brew is sure to do the trick. When you hit the grocery store for party supplies, choose six imported beers and create an international beer flight, making sure to select interesting varieties he

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Office Supply Store

You're likely to find an office supply store in most strip malls; if you happen upon one, take a minute to pick up a journal for a friend who likes to—or is about to—travel, so he or she can record future adventures. Personalize it b

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Houseware Store

Stocking up on some bathroom supplies for holiday guests? If it's close to the big day, you'll likely find the store's selection of ornaments deeply discounted. Pick something that will pass as a personalized gift, like this

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yoga mat
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Yoga Studio

No matter how busy you are, it's important to fit in time for fitness. If there's someone you've been trying to get hooked on downward dog, pick them up a trial pass while at your yoga studio (it's free!). Enhance the gift with some work

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nail polish
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Nail Salon

Desperate to squeeze in a manicure before the Christmas Eve soirée? Go ahead and treat yourself—and someone else, too, by snapping up gift certificates that friends can apply to any service. Give the gift a classy touch by pairing it

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Liquor Store

While loading up on wine for upcoming celebrations, toss in a few additional items that can be used to make a sangria gift basket, such as dry red wine, brandy, Triple Sec and club soda. Finish off the basket with colorful citrus fruits,

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Getting through the craze of the holidays depends on one thing: caffeine. While in line for your lifesaving latte, nab a few gift cards for java-loving friends.

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8 Grab-and-Go Gift Ideas
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8 Grab-and-Go Gift Ideas images
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pics 8 Grab-and-Go Gift Ideas

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